Microfinance Registration

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Small loans enable entrepreneurs to start
Expand micro, small and medium enterprises.
Savings help families build assets to finance
Insurance products can offset the cost of medical care
Money transfers and remittances allow families

Microfinance Registration


Proceed for Name approval


Apply DSC


Prepare drafts for approval


File with ROC


Provide certificate (PAN/TAN)


Microfinance in India plays a major role in the development of India. It act as an anti-poverty vaccine for the people living in rural areas. It aims at assisting communities of the economically excluded to achieve greater level of asset creation and income security at the household and community level.



Pan Card

Aadhar Card

Passport Size  Photo 

Director’s Address Proof/Bank Statement



Place Of Buisness

Latest electricity bill/Utility Bill

Proof of ownership (rent agreement/ lease deed)

Basic Features of Microfinance Registration

Group lending

peer monitoring

It works properly as long as the bonds in the community are strong

Equal treatment to different borrowers, which can determine adverse selection and moral hazard


Dynamic incentives

Increase the amount of loans through time

Useful to get the borrowers used to dealing with financial intermediaries

They reduce portfolio concentration


Other guarantees deriving

Compulsory savings to reduce exposure from financial innovation

Guarantee funds to partially transfer on other subjects the default risk of the borrowers

Special purpose vehicles and segregated capital used to isolate the project risk


Funding costs

Capability to attract subsidized funds

Cost of funding versus other financial intermediaries and/or institutions

Capability to collect deposits from public


Operating costs

Net of credit officers

Average dimension of microloans



The loan tenure is short

Microfinance loans do not require any collateral


Important Notes

Microfinance provides access to capital for individuals who are financially underserved. If microfinance institutions were not offering loansto this segment of the society, these groups would have resorted to borrowing money from friends or family members. The probability of them opting for fast cash loans or payday advances (that bear huge interest rates) are also high.

• Microfinance helps these groups invest wisely in their businesses, and hence, is in alignment with the government’s vision of financial inclusion in the country.