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Rs. Onwards *All Inclusive (Fees & Taxes)*

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Incorporation of a company


Capital increament uoto 2 cr


Prepare business plan and other drafting


Proceed for RBI approval


Work completed


Credit Rating agencies such as CIBIL, ICRA, Equifax and Experian



CERSAI Registration

Registration under Anti-Money Laundering Act

Adoption of fair practice code.




KYC of All Shareholders and Directors

Business Profile of shareholders and Directors

FD Certificate Receipt

Bankers Report

Net Worth Certificates

Credit Rating Reports

Educational Qualification Certificates

Experience Certificates


Place Of Buisness

Telephone or mobile bill/electricity or gas bill

Notarized rental agreement 

No-objection certificate from the property owner

Sale deed/property deed in English 

NOC - No Objection Certificate from the Owner of the Property


Basic Features of NBFC

The Minimum Paid-up Capital

The Net owned fund of NBFC-ICC (Investment Credit Company) must be more than Rs. 2 Crores over the life of the NBFC unless otherwise prescribed the RBI.

Gift From Family Members

Shareholders should introduce own 2 crores as share capital, However shareholders can give or take gifts from Close relatives or Spouse

No Blockage of Fund

It shall mandatorily hold Net owned funds of INR 2 crores at the time of registration and at all times thereafter. However, you can use the minimum capital for the lending or investment purpose.

Capital Must be Tax Paid

The Applicant will require to produce the Proof of tax payment against the capital invested in the NBFC.

Need to Qualify the Quality of Capital Test

RBI Conducts quality of capital test and ensure that Capital invested by the shareholders are free from any possible defects or non-compliance with Indian or international laws.

FATF Member Investment

RBI Only recognize and Approves NBFC Registration or takeover from FATF Member Country Investment in India

Important Notes

The NBFC is primarily engaged in the business of providing loans and advances, acquisition of shares and stocks and other investible securities. RBI grants license to the NBFCs to carry out the business of providing various kinds of loans such as Personal Loans, Asset Financing, SME Lending, Gold Loans, Loan against Property, Loan against Shares, Short term Personal Loans, etc.