Partnership Registration

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Partnership deed
Partnership PAN/TAN
GST Registration
MSME Registration
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Partnership Registration


Provide Documents


Application Preparation and Drafting


Proceed for approval


Application submitted to Authority


Provide Certificates


Basic documents of partners.

Name and address of the firm and all the partner.

Nature of business.

Date of starting of business 

Capital to be contributed by each partner.

Profit/loss sharing ratio among the partners.



Pan card

Passport (Foreign  National only)

Aadhaar card

Passport  Size  photograph


Place Of Business


1. Sale deed of the Property

2. NOC from the owner (Draft Copy will be shared)

3. Latest Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Gas Bill


1. Rent Agreement

2. NOC from the owner (Draft Copy will provide draft copy)

3. Latest Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Gas Bill

Basic Features of Partnership Registration

Number of Members / Two or More Persons:

For forming the partnership firm minimum two persons are required.

Law / Legal Business

All partners must agree to carry on only lawful or legal business.

No unlawful business is permitted under the Partnership Act 1932.


Name and address of the partners; 
Scope of business;
Nature of business; 
Duration of partnership;
Capital invested by partners;
Loan to and by partners;



A Partnership is started with the intention of doing business.

The activities undertaken should have the characteristics of a business.

No Separate Legal Entity:

Partnership firm is not separate or distinct from its members.
It does not have a separate legal entity of its own.
Partners enter into contracts on behalf of each other.

Utmost Good Faith:

The survival of a partnership firm depends on utmost good faith and self­lessness.

The essence of partnership is team spirit and cooperation.

Important Notes

The registration of a partnership firm is optional and not compulsory under the Indian Partnership Act. It is at the discretion of the partners and voluntary. The firm’s registration can be done at the time of its formation or incorporation or during the continuance of the partnership business. 

However, it is always advisable to register the partnership firm as a registered firm enjoys certain special rights and benefits as compared to the unregistered firms. The benefits that a partnership firm enjoy are:

A partner can sue against any partner or the partnership firm for enforcing his rights arising from a contract against the partner or the firm. In the case of an unregistered partnership firm, partners cannot sue against the firm or other partners to enforce his right.

The registered firm can file a suit against any third party for enforcing a right from a contract. In the case of an unregistered firm, it cannot file a suit against any third party to enforce a right. However, any third party can file a suit against the unregistered firm.

The registered firm can claim set-off or other proceedings to enforce a right arising from a contract. The unregistered firm cannot claim set off in any proceedings against it.