Project Financing

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Project Financing


Identify the Project.


Determine the Feasibility of the Project.


Identify Sources of Technology


Identify Sources of Project Finance


Mitigate the Project Risk


Project financing is a loan structure that relies primarily on the project's cash flow for repayment, with the project's assets, rights, and interests held as secondary collateral. Project finance is especially attractive to the private sector because companies can fund major projects off-balance sheet (OBS).



Proof of photo identity (Passport ,Voter's ID PAN Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card)

Proof of Investment (Fixed assets, shares, fixed deposit, etc.)

Photograph (One passport size Color photograph)

Self employment

CA certified copies with membership number: ...

Latest 12 months bank account statement of all directors.

Latest 18 months bank account statements of all current accounts of the company.

Latest 3 years Form no-26 AS.

Latest 1 year Copy of GST returns – 3B form.


Basic Features of Project Financing

Multiple Participants Applicable

As Project Financing often concerns a large-scale project, it is possible to allocate numerous parties in the project to take care of its various aspects. 

Asset Ownership is Decided at the Completion of Project

The Special Purpose Vehicle is responsible to overview the proceedings of the project while monitoring the assets related to the project. Once the project is completed, the project ownership goes to the concerned entity as determined by the terms of the loan.

Zero or Limited Recourse Financing Solution

Since the borrower does not have ownership of the project until its completion, the lenders do not have to waste time or resources evaluating the assets and credibility of the borrower

Loan Repayment With Project Cash Flow

According to the terms of the loan in Project Financing, the excess cash flow received by the project should be used to pay off the outstanding debt received by the borrower. 

Better Tax Treatment

Project Financing is implemented, the project and/or the sponsors can receive the benefit of better tax treatment. 

Sponsor Credit Has No Impact on Project

While this long-term financing plan maximizes the leverage of a project, it also ensures that the credit standings of the sponsor has no negative impact on the project. 

Important Notes

All Corporates having turnover Rs.500 Crores or project outlays of SPV's of Rs.500 Crores and above OR minimum exposure ( Funded + Non Funded) of Rs.25 Crores.

Both public sector and private sector companies are eligible.