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Public Limited Company


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The form of a private limited company, is not something to be engaged lightly. It requires both an ongoing expenditure of much time and effort, and important knowledge of many financial and administrative technicalities.



Audited Financial Statements

An independent auditor must audit financial Statements 

Audit Report & Board Report

Independent auditor’s report and Board report must be concerned

DSC of Director


Place Of Buisness

PAN Card

Certificate of Incorporation 

MoA – AoA of Private Company


Basic Features of Public Limited Company

Subsequent Auditor

The BOD shall delegate the Auditor Auditor in first AGM of Company who shall hold the position till the conclusion of 6th AGM and shall notify the same to ROC by filing ADT-1. 

First Auditor

BOD shall designate the first Auditor of the Company within 30 days of Incorporation who shall continue the office till the completion of 1st AGM. 

Annual General Meeting

Every Company needed to hold an Annual  is Meeting on or before 30th September every year during working hours 

Filing Of Annual Return

Each and every Private Limited Company is expected to file its Annual Return within 60 days of operating of Annual General Meeting. Annual Return will be for the time' 1st April to 31st March'.

Filing Of Financial Statements

Each and every private Limited Company is expected to file its 'Balance Sheet' along with a statement of 'Profit and Loss Account' and 'Director Report' in this Form in 30 days of holding of 'Annual General Meeting'.

Statutory Audit Of Accounts

Each and every Company should prepare its Accounts and get the exact audited by a Professionals/Chartered Accountant at the end of the Financial Year mandatorily. 

Important Notes

Even based compliances are those who get triggered upon following of certain events like change in directors, change of registered office, change in approved share capital etc. Hence, it is essential that the happening of such events get tracked, and docility met with on time to avoid penalties or additional fees.