Start up India Registration (DPIIT)

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Start up India Registration (DPIIT)


Incorporate Your Business as PVT/LLP/OPC


Register with START-UP India


Get DPIIT Recognition


Recognition Application and Documentation


File with authority and Get Certificate


The startup needs to provide a brief description of business activities, i.e. product/ services or both.

The startup should give information to prove that the business is innovative.

Such an entity must be solving a problem innovatively or making a significant improvement in pre-existing services or products.


A Letter Of Recommendation

It is necessary to submit a letter of recommendation following a registration form. Any of the following can be included as valid:

A recommendation from an incubator (related to the creative nature of the business) approved in an Indian post-graduate college, in the format prescribed by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).

A letter requesting assistance from an incubator, which is financial assistance provided by the Indian government (in relation to the project) as part of any set-up scheme with the aim of promoting innovation.


Certificate of Registration

It is necessary for you to upload the certificate of incorporation of your business/LLP (Registration Certificate in case of a partnership).

Give a quick summary of the innovative nature of your business.

Basic Features of Start up India Registration (DPIIT)

A Registered Company/LLP/Partnership Firm

The Company must be Registered in MCA as Private Limited/OPC under Companies Act , 2013 or LLP as Indian Partnership Act, 1932.

Turnover Limit

The turnover of the business must be less than 25 crores per year.

Less than 5 years old

The age of business from the date of registration must not be of more than 5 years.

Must be a New Business Entity

The business must not be a result of split or restructure of an existing business.

Innovative & Scalable

The startup must be involved in innovation or development of new products, services or processes or significantly improving an existing one. Creation of wealth or employment is also an eligibility criterion.

DIPP Certificate

It is mandatory to obtain certification from the Inter-Ministerial Board as set up by DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion). This document is needed to certify the innovative functioning of the business.

Important Notes

The startup India program is a vital step taken by the government to support the startup ecosystem in India.

The startup India registration process is also simple and rationale for entrepreneurs to execute.

However, it is advised that one must ensure that they take Business Consultancy from industry experts to avail the maximum benefit from the scheme.