International Trademark Registration

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International Trademark Registration


Complete a Simple Checklist


Take a Search and Finalise Class


Submit Documents


Application for Trademark Registration


Start Using “TM”


have a business  (i.e., a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment) in a Contracting Party, or

be domiciled in a Contracting Party, or

be a national of a Contracting Party

Basic application/registration (“basic mark”)



In case of individual

Proof of Business or registration

Aadhar Card and PAN card of applicant

Logo (if any)

MSME Registration (No Need MSME certificate in case of Sole Proprietor/Individual)

Trademark Registration Certificate or Trademark Application number (if Trademark is pending in India)


In case of Company

Address Proof

MOA/AOA certificate


Basic Features of International Trademark Registration


A trademark needs to be distinctive. This means that the trademark needs to have an uncommon and appealing quality that distinguishes it from other signs


The trademark must be short and can be suggestive of the quality of the products but it must not be descriptive, elaborating on the characteristics of the goods or services

Easy To Remember

A trademark must be easy to spell as well as pronounce. This is one of the obvious trademark features that must be considered while thinking of a trademark for the business or product. 

Deceiving and scandalous

A trademark must not be deceiving or cause confusion in the minds of the public.

A trademark must not contain scandalous matters.



Just like a design, logo or colour is trademarked, some individuals have even trademarked their name, such as celebrity singer 50 Cents who has trademarked his name.

National Rights

Trademarks have national rights.

A trademark used or protected in one country does not have the same protection in another country. 

Important Notes

Trademarks, including service marks, are particularly important in the globalized tourism sector and are key to its further development.

It is not compulsory to register a trade mark in order to use it. • But, a trade mark registration adds great value to a business.

By enabling consumers to make their choice between the various goods avail- able on the market, trademarks encourage their owners to maintain and improve the quality of the products sold under the trademark, in order to meet consumer expecta- tions.